Just a quick update.

I just wanted to give you a quick summary on the weeks events but will try to write more in a few days time.

It’s all happening here!  Firstly I found out that our second grandchild will be a little girl which is great news. She isn’t due to come and meet us all until around February 4th  but we are very excited to see her.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty tough going. On Wednesday we received some sad news about a fellow myeloma friend. We were both also very anxious about the hospital appointment on Thursday. And Thursday turned out to be a very long day indeed, with the clinic running almost three hours behind and us getting stuck in rush hour so the usual home journey took a couple of hours longer than usual. The news at the hospital however, was fairly good, as my consultant gave us hope that there were still some treatments that we haven’t even yet tried. My usual blood counts were also pretty normal but I wont get to know about how my stem cell transplant has worked until next month, when I will have more tests and a bone biopsy. The best news however is that we got the go ahead to go on holiday to France before my next appointment in October. So we are excited to get our motorhome prepared.

We had a really enjoyable day on Friday at the Shuttleworth Steam and Country fair and Colin got to have a ride on an enormous traction engine whilst I relaxed and chatted to an old friend who I was so happy to hear had the all clear following her treatment for cancer. It was such a good day out, we hoped to return on Saturday evening and camp there but I just felt too exhausted from all the excitement.

Now there is lots of organising to do with some exciting things happening next week, so I must get on. Not that I have hardly any energy still to do much, but I get a little more strength back each day.

Enjoy your Sunday

Deborah xxxx

4 thoughts on “Just a quick update.

  1. Hello Deb,
    It is wonderful news to hear you are up and about and enjoying life! Congratulations on your new granddaughter growing happily in her Mommy. Our new grandson is almost 6 weeks old and such a joy, number 4 for me. We are campers too enjoying our travel trailer whenever we can.
    Many blessings to you and yours,
    Toni in Portland, Oregon

  2. Hi Deborah, Again such good news that you are little by little getting your strength and energy back, and especially good that you are planning a trip to France in Helga, you will be needing this break and change of scenery after the long and challenging Summer. Good news too about the little sister for Elliot, she’ll be a lucky girl to have such a wonderful big brother. As to my health challenges and journey, I have to say really what you already know yourself that once you have been hit with one of these blood cancers it’s very hard to trust your body again, and every little ache and pain becomes a “and what is cancer up to now” sort of issue. I suppose any sort of cancer will do this to a person, but with many of them you can say “I’m cured” (and hoping there won’t be a recurrence) whereas with the lymphomas, leukaemias, myeloma etc there is no real cure as yet. However, that being said, I’m doing really well, still getting chemo,every three months as a “maintenance” programme with the final treatment being next January and after that I’m on my own so to speak which is a bit scary but my GP says that I shouldn’t be worrying as the agent I’ve been getting (which is not actually chemo but a monoclonal antibody that specifically hones in on my errant B lymphocytes) has a very good record for putting Follicular lymphoma into complete remission. This is encouraging, so I do feel that I should get at least ten years of freedom and that will then put me into my eighties with most of my health concerns being those of the general aging process —- Soooo, there we are, hostages of some nasty genes from somewhere Deb. Not sure which side of the family, but I definitely suspect the James side for me, as Granny Jay’s family that I know over here (she had eleven nieces and nephews from her brother “uncle Hugh” Leir) two of them have a lymphoma, and then Alex (your grandfather’s brother, well, I’m sure you know the family tree) had lymphoma too.I don’t know about myeloma, but my oncologist said there is a genetic component for lymphoma, and I’ve got the faulty gene! Anyway, enough of all that. You have come through a stupendously difficult, long and dark tunnel into some sunlight Deb, so enjoy every moment and revel in your increasing strength and energy, and we are all thinking of you, wishing you well, behind you every step of the way, and sending love and extra hugs. Nicola

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    • Thank you Nicola.
      There is so much progress being made with new treatments for cancer I hope they will become available and work for blood cancers in time for both of us. Each day I do feel a bit stronger but I must admit I am quite impatient and really would like to do more. I should however just think back a few weeks when I could hardly walk to the bathroom on my own. I am going shopping with Pollyanna on Thursday as she needs some work clothes for her new job. I am borrowing a scooter from the shopping centre, I just hope I can manage to drive it without crashing into too many things.
      Best wishes and take care of yourself
      Deborah xxx

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