Day 100 and look who’s home.

I must admit there were times I didn’t think I would reach this day but here I am, a hundred days on from my stem cell transplant. My hair is growing, I have eyebrows and eyelashes and I even have had to shave my legs! Fatigue does still remain a bit of a problem making it difficult for my body to do what my heart and mind desires but everyday sees an improvement. Next week I will get the results from my bone marrow biopsy and my latest blood counts. Sadly I am a bit concerned about my heamaglobin levels at the moment, as I am struggling a little with my breathing causing me to cough more than is normal I just hope it’s nothing too serious. Having said this I can happily look back and see how far I have come since my rebirth on July 10th. Just look at the fun I can now have with my lovely grandson.


And look who’s home.



Frodo has enjoyed staying with Colin’s parents up in Weston but we have missed him. He is such a lovely relaxed boy to be around. The only time he is a bit naughty (only for us!) is at night. Wherever we try to settle him down he will bark several times in the middle of the night, and get us up the little minx. I think he is happy to be home, he loves it in the motorhome and going on long walks with Colin but is getting pretty old now. We are not sure of his exact age as he was a rescue dog but we think he’s about eleven now.

Yesterday was a real treat for me as my sister is back from Somerset for a few days and we had a lovely visit from mum, my Aunty Mary and Uncle Ian from Cornwall. It is so good to catch up with people again. I didn’t realise quite how I would miss the social interaction I used to have when I was at work. Thank you to those of you who have stayed in touch it really does make a difference. I am trying to fill my diary whilst I am feeling so much better with catching up with old colleagues and friends. If you fancy popping over for a cup of tea and a chat your company will be most appreciated.

Recently I caught up with an old friend and colleague who since retiring makes the most beautiful silver jewellery. Ruth also runs classes and workshops which I am hoping to join in with sometime soon. Take a moment to look at her website

More exciting news – next week we pick up a brand new car and not just any old car but a B class Mercedes no less!
We still can’t quite believe it. This week I received a letter from the disability allowance which awarded me the higher amount of mobilty money entitling me to take part in the mobilty lease scheme. There was a bit of a problem at first, as I received the letter four days later than the amount was awarded resulting in it being four days short of a full year and at first Mobilty wouldn’t accept the claim. Colin however called them back and they kindly changed their minds. We did however have to choose a car from the hundreds of models available pretty quickly. We tried out a few and this car seemed to be the most comfortable. It uses my whole allowance and we had to put a down payment of £3,000 due to all the extra bits we wanted but I think it’s worth it and we have got our car to sell so that should more than cover this.  I am so excited as it has all sorts of fancy things like heated black leather seats, lumber support and a reversing camera. I shall be needing that especially as I haven’t driven since I was diagnosed almost two years ago now. We pick it up on Friday so only one more trip down to London in our old car. Having said all this, of course I would swap it in a trice to be Cancer free.

Today we are meeting up for lunch with my good friend Jane who has moved recently to work as a health visitor in Guernsey. It will be great to hear all about her new life on the island. I also have a coffee date with another old colleague on Tuesday, so that and the car will be a good distraction from the hospital appointment on Thursday.

As I regain more of my physical health the challenge is now to stay on top of my mental well being. I know all the tricks of the trade but applying them to ones self is never quite so easy. I want to do more than my body allows which can lead to frustration and disappointment. I need to give myself a kick up the back side sometimes and remind myself just how lucky I am compared to many people. I also have such a wonderful circle of family and friends many of which I have only ‘virtually’ known since writing this blog. People from as far off places such as America, Canada and Sweden. How lovely it would be to actually meet up and thank them in person  for all their support. Maybe I should add that to my dream list.

I would like to thank all those that took part and donated to Stand up to Cancer which was televised on Channel 4 last night.. So far they have raised £14,520,756 A 100% of which goes to Cancer Research. This may just be what’s needed to find a cure for Myeloma so fingers crossed.

Meanwhile I have some serious living to get on with.

Much love to you all

Deborah x

17 thoughts on “Day 100 and look who’s home.

  1. Debs it’s lovely to see you looking great at home with your grandson, and sounding a lot brighter in yourself. Love the car by the way. Would love to catch up with you soon xxx

  2. What a great picture of you and the littleman! You both seem happy with your hats!
    Isn’t it so specially with a grandchild!❤️ He seems to be such a beautiful and kind boy and surely gives you lot of positive energy!
    Your new car seems fine!

  3. So wonderful to see your recovery continuing. You look very well. I am in hospital myself having stem cell. Day 9. Biggest problem is severe sore throat. Some nausea no appetite unable to swallow practically at all. Very frustrating. Hoping white counts turn around soon! Nurses are angels aren’t they? Love to you Ellen Goldstein Harris

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    • Oh Ellen I am thinking of you and sending you lots of positive vibes. The sore throat should start to improve soon and slowly you will get your appetite back. I remember how hard those early days were but you do come out of it. It helped me to make a record on the white board in front of my bed and chart my progress and cross off the days until I was coming home. Your body just has to do its job now and grasp hold of those lovely new cells and help them to grow. The nurses are wonderful and so understanding, let everyone help you now as you rest and let your amazing body get on with what it has to do.
      I hope you get home soon
      Thinking of you and sending you a virtual hug and lots of love
      Deborah x

  4. Hi deb, you are looking so well and Elliott is growing up so fast. Sorry i haven’t been in touch recently, but I’ve been a bit unwell and not really been out and about. All better now though. You’ll need some logs soon, we’ll pop them round one weekend soon and have a chat. Love to you both. I love the car, very nice 🚘 xxx

    • Thank you Sharon it would be good to catch up. Bernie is coming over for a coffee on Tues morning it’s a shame that you are probably working otherwise you could join us.
      See you soon
      Deborah x

  5. Deborah, I am so happy to hear how you are enjoying your life. As one of your virtual friends in America you don’t know what an inspiration you are to me. Fortunately, I only have MGUS which for me was caused by the severe arthritis I suffer from. My hemtologist says the inflammatory process causes my body to make Bence-Jones proteins. Being disabled due to arthritis, your posts inspire me to put my pain aside and live life to the fullest. I always keep you and your lovely family in my prayers. You are a blessing. Best wishes for your joy to continue with your grandchildren and loving family. Here’s to many new adventures in your new car and motor home!

    Toni in Portland Oregon

    • Thank you Toni for such kind words.
      I just thought I ought to look up a little about Portland Oregon so I can picture the place better as I knew little more than it was in the States. It seems a pretty big place with lots of sunshine and very little snow in Winter. A good place for growing roses apparently and there appears to be quite a few microbreweries and strip clubs which made me laugh. The parks look beautiful and it’s seems to be the top place in the world for street food. I saw some photos of beautiful forests and the amazing city spread along the river.
      Do you live in the city or countryside? I shall need to do some more exploring about the place which is made so much easier with the help of the Internet.
      Have you ever visited the UK?
      Sometimes it is hard to cope with our disabilities but being in a beautiful place surrounded by loving people helps so much.
      Take care dear Internet buddy
      Deborah x

      • You are correct in most of your assessment of Portland. It is a very beautiful area with many forests and is only about 70 miles from the Pacific Ocean. We don’t get much snow but lots of rain. There are a lot of micro breweries here which our older sons enjoy with my husband when they visit. Thank goodness not many strip clubs but there are some. I have 5 children. My oldest son and wife and 2 grandsons live in San Diego, CA. My middle son and his wife live in New York City. Our oldest daughter, husband, 4 year old granddaughter and 2 month old grandson live only 3 miles away. We also have 2 adopted children ages 7 and 8 who we have had since birth. It has been quite the adventure adopting newborns in our early 50’s. We love and enjoy them so much. Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle with our 8 year old son AJ having ADHD and anxiety syndrome but we couldn’t imagine life without them.
        We live in a suburb of Portland called Beaverton about 10 miles from downtown. We were blessed to visit London in 2003 and enjoyed our stay very much.

        Prayers for continuing on the road to full recovery dear friend.

        Toni x

      • Hi Toni
        It’s good to hear your’e surrounded by such a big family. Wow and adopting two little babies. That really is amazing. I used to do a lot of work with kids with ADHD and anxiety disorders, they are often so very creative and fun to be around although quite a challenge.
        We only live about a 40 minute train drive from London but we are surrounded by countryside with lots of peace and quiet. Our village is very small with no shops but a little local pub and a pretty very old church.
        Take care now and remember to take some rest for yourself
        Deborah x

  6. Hi Deborah – not very good at this – sure you get the notifications but just in case my reply to your message last week is:
    Hi Deborah – sorry for the late reply. Not been on the computer for a few days. I am around tomorrow and have got no particular plans for next during the day time over the coming weekends, so whenever would suit you is good for me. xx

  7. Happy 100th re birth day for yesterday. It’s good to read that you’re doing so well. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Take care Bernie xx

  8. Lovely to see you having quality time with your sweet grandson. And good to see Frodo too: he certainly looks more greyhound than anything else, such gentle, calm dogs, very therapeutic! Our daughter has adopted a greyhound cross puppy, unfortunately there’s wolfhound and German shepherd in there too, and “RoRo” is like an enormous blonde bear!! Keep up the obeying your body’s messages Deborah re the fatigue, and will be thinking of you, sending vibes, for the next round of appts. Nicola XO Oh, nice car too!!

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