It’s all pretty confusing.

I am also rather fatigued and pumped up on a numerous regime of tablets. I am very very disappointed that here I lay in bed with the little energy I hoped for. I will try and get dressed however  and sit down stairs for a short while today.

It was great  to see so many friends, family and colleagues in hospital. They have all been  so hopeful and positive and bearing such lovely gifts.

i am hoping the new drug regime will do the job. One of them has got to work.

We were very frustrated that my chemo drugs were left behind at UCLH, after such a long wait on Friday and poor Colin had to go back down to London the next day and collect  them, meaning I missed a dose of my Revlamid. Nevertheless these things happen.

i received a lovely taster box of chocolates from Aunty Mo this week and some steak and lamb chops from my brother and family which was very tasty. Plus shopping and cleaning from mum and friends, Sue and Angela, so I am really being quite spoilt.

it also seems I will be getting some pretty Christmas lights from Toby, although Colin is rather embarrassed that mum has asked some lovely villages to help put them up as its not an easy job!!

We are just needing to take it easy at the moment, so there may be not much blog writing for a while.

Love to you all

Deborah xxx


1 thought on “It’s all pretty confusing.

  1. Hello Deborah.
    I’m so very sorry the cancer came back. Let’s hope your new drugs you are on will help soon.
    I have finally managed to change King’s Hospital for UCLH. You were right, all the staff here are very kind and i feel much better here. I’m on the T13 floor, bed 10… very nice view of London 🙂 I was hoping to come here for my transplant, however the situation has changed in past few days….my leukaemia also came back… so no chance for the transplant at the moment 😦 I’m starting another chemo later on today, hoping that will get me into the remission again so i can finally go for the transplant.
    Take it easy. Hope you feel better soon.

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