Just a quick update..

I feel pleased that I have enough strength to write a few words today.

I have even made it downstairs with the help of Colin. Each little challenge I achieve  makes such a difference. I just need to pick my timing as my body is very weak .

I do feel hope and need to give the new chemo drugs a chance to work. It’s early days yet.

Your strength is my strength. I have been wrapped in a blanket of love and appreciate all your comments even if I don’t always respond. It all makes such a difference to my mental well being.


I m looking forward to Christmas and the birth of my second grandchild in February..

I received these beautiful flowers from a kind friend, what a lovely surprise, and this lovely picture really made me smile.

My friend Allison also visited with homemade biscuits and cake. I am really being quite spoilt

image image

Today my sister is coming to visit from Somerset, which I am really looking forward to.

It’s good to feel brighter in spirits today.

Thank you I feel your hand in mine xxxx

12 thoughts on “Just a quick update..

  1. Your hand is in mine as I write, and all of you is in my heart. Stay strong, knowing you are well loved. Nicola

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  2. You are on a tough journey and our hearts goes out to you…like many James that went before you, your inner strength has been impressive. Our thoughts are with you – Ian & Kaarina

  3. So glad that you have a little more energy Debs,glad too that Colin is there to encourage and applaud your efforts.Keep taking these small steps and hopefully,by Christmas you will be strong enough to enjoy little Elliot’s excitement and fun! Much love,Aunty Judy and Uncle Ken.xxxx

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  4. You are very much in my thoughts, Deborah and I am sending you lots of love – you sound so good at focusing on the daily things you can enjoy and appreciate, no matter what they are (so easy to type the words, so hard for some us mere mortals to manage, you superwoman, you)….and the picture is gorgeous and utterly beautiful.

  5. Debs, you are always in my thoughts, I am so happy you are feeling stronger today. Let me know when you want the logs. Love to you and Colin xxx

  6. Hi Deborah, I was so sorry to hear that the myeloma showed up again so soon (way too soon) after the transplant. I send sincere hopes and prayers that the chemo and steroids (from your blog I gather it is a Revlimid and Dex combo) will do the trick and send you into remission, and let you build strength and stamina! Wishing you all the best, Paul.

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