My living dream list.

Inspired by my fellow Myeloma traveller Jet Black who was in turn inspired by

 I have decided to write my own list of exciting things to look forward to and things I would love to do whilst still on this earth.

I certainly don’t want to think of this as a bucket list as I am not happy with the idea of kicking any buckets!

I shall pick each idea carefully and dream widely about it.

I won’t let a lack of finances be a barrier as who knows what might happen next, I could win tonights lottery, or inherit a fortune from someone I didn’t even know.

I shall include what I like because it is MY list and I will change my mind about it if I wish.

If I achieve all or none of my dreams it will be OK I won’t use at a challenge or a list of tasks to be ticked off.

It will be my dream list.  In fact I shall call it my living dream list and if it only stays a dream it will be OK, but I will try to realise as many as possible.

The list will not be in order of importance

I shall report on all the ones I have achieved and how much it lived up to my expectations.

I can see this is going to be exciting.

I will welcome your ideas and be happy for you to join me in my dreams .

I shall dream BIG,  BRIGHT and BOLD.

So here goes with my list (so far) of living life dreams:

  1. To have the most fantastic Summer 50th Birthday Party with live music, camping, Pimms, checked tablecloths and wild flowers. Surrounded by friends and family, dancing until the sun goes down in a flowing dress and a daisy chain around my beautiful long hair (which may need to be a new wig). This dream is already well on its way to happening!
  2. Return to  Gstaad Palace in Switzerland with my nearest and dearest for a SPA weekend.10326_176_b
  3. Visit the bridges of Maddison County and pop into diners and drive-ins with real cowboys and country music bars.
  4. Travel 1st class on a plane and sit in one of those pods just ike my brother did drinking fine champagne.BA_FC_x13
  5. Pop along to Buckingham Palace to pick up an OBE.  LOL 🙂
  6. Renew my vows to Colin on a lovely warm beach somewhere, and remind him just how much he means to me.jemima 030
  7. Get away more in our motorhome and see more of France.
  8. Enjoy a taster menu with my brother at a restaurant recommended by him as he knows about good food.
  9. Hire a large villa in France or somewhere warm, with a heated pool for a whole month, and have friends and family to come and stay.
  10. Take my grandson to visit London Zoo.IMG_1049
  11. Stay overnight in London and see a musical.
  12. Have an exhibition of my own art workgirls2
  13. Do a bust of Elliot
  14. Visit my Uncle in Hong Kong
  15. Make an outdoor Kitchen
  16. Design and have installed a mini version of my sisters bathroom.
  17. Enjoy pancakes and maple syrup in an American  Diner
  18. Make some beautiful jewellery for my daughters and sister
  19. Finish Grandfathers diary and give a printed copy to my brother, sister, mum and girls before presenting the original diary to the museum with my mum.
  20. Visit my grandfathers grave in Holland.
  21. Attend and help plan my daughters wedding to someone I know loves them dearly and whom they love with all their hearts.
  22. Witness my two daughters and my sisters boys happiness and success.GRANDKIDS1.2 copy
  23. Give more than I receive
  24. Watch my sisters success as her business grows
  25. Swim in my brothers pool
  26. Spend many more evenings snuggled up with my dear husband in front of our wood burning stove and cook more on our little Rayburn.IMG_1780
  27. Finish writing my book and get it published.
  28. Get back to work and continue to reduce the stigma about mental ill health and empower staff and clients to improve their emotional well being.
  29. Raise more money for Myeloma Research so they find a cure.
  30. Sort out some kind of better flooring for our lounge.
  31. Write a column for a newspaper or magazine.
  32. Present on TV about children’s mental health.
  33. Somehow be able to get Country TV on my television at home.
  34. Buy Place Farm and put up a large glass extention that makes good use of the views.image
  35. Encourage people in thinking about alternative education and different types of learning environments.
  36. Spend another evening dancing as the sun goes down on the back of the VW truck.cropped-photo.jpg
  37. Have my Tongue and Big Brother Eye sculptures made up and exhibited at Goodwood Sculpture Park
  38. Get a piece of art accepted by the Summer exhibition
  39. Host a drive in Movie at Place Farm
  40. Hear Gods voice with my own ears loud and clear re assuring me of life after death.
  41. Meet up with Jarvis and family  again.

    Deborah, Do you recall?

    Deborah, Do you recall?

  42. Have one of my Aunty Judy’s Sunday Lunches.

10 thoughts on “My living dream list.

  1. Keep dreaming Deborah what a wonderful list so far.. i feel humbled reading it as i was just contemplating some things to do for my 50th.. i hope to join you in the summer at your exciting party til then sweet dreams to an inspiring wonderful lady xx

  2. Hi Deborah

    I wrote a similar list for my 40th Birthday – 40 things to do in my 40th year. I didn’t expect to get all of them done and was amazed that I’d ticked off 28 by the time my 41st Birthday came around.

    Your list is fabulous, enjoy each one and don’t be surprised when as you tick one thing off the list, two or three new things get added on!!!

    I’m loving reading your blogs, they’re so inspirational – thank you!


  3. Not sure how I missed this, but well done for taking the plunge!
    I hope you succeed in not letting it become a list of things you have to do, but just to enjoy dreaming or doing them. I feel the pressure of my list sometimes, despite my best intentions. LOL!

    • Hi Jet
      I haven’t even looked at it for a while so no pressure for me.
      I do hope you will manage to make it up for my party

  4. Hi Deborah,

    Thinking of you and thought I wold take a peak at what you are up to. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it for your birthday celebration, I do say, you certainly had a grand time!!!

    You are so inspiring Deborah…I am certainly blessed to be working in the service that’s your baby…and to know that you hand picked me…out of the many people that you interviewed, is still unbelievable.

    I do owe you a visit. So looking forward to meeting up with you very soon!

    Take care.

    Marsha (Step2)

  5. Ooh I was just looking at this list and not sure if some of my dreams are pretty unrealistic but I suppose they are just dreams! I have however achieved some of them.
    1) I did have the most amazing fantastic party thanks to all the people that made that possible.
    16) I have my own Hollywood bathroom
    28) I have been able to do some work with the BrainBox and booklets and have lots more to do yet.
    30) We have a lovely new lounge floor
    42) I have met up with Jarvis and his family again on a couple of occasions.
    42) I have enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch with my Aunty Judy and Uncle Ken and hope to have plenty more together.

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