Cancer… What cancer?

I must admit at the moment I am feeling pretty good and I am taking full advantage of it. It is likely that the accumulative effect of the chemotherapy will at some time start to take its toll but I am enjoying the energy I have whilst I can.

Our new work projects are going really well and we are ahead of the game at the moment. By the end of the week the new BrainBox resource will be ready to have a few test copies sent away for printing, and I am now on the second Step2 booklet.

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch and afternoon with my gorgeous grandson and enjoyed being pampered with a manicure from my lovely daughter.

Today I am off to the spa, I just hope they don’t make a big deal about me having a massage, I have already had to get another up to date medical letter to confirm it’s OK. If you research chemo and massage there is no evidence that points to it being anything but beneficial. The only problem is that if your immune system is lowered you are more likely to pick up infections, but that can happen anywhere.

I have taken up knitting which I haven’t done since I was a teenager. It’s just like riding a bike, you never really forget how and now I can’t stop. Apparently knitting in bed was one of the things I promised Colin when I first met him, so I have achieved one of his long dreamt of fantasies! I am starting with a basic cushion cover.

Please don’t forget Buttons for Bones. I desperately need all your spare buttons which will be used to raise funds for cancer research.

Thank you and have another great day.

Deborah x