The fight continues…

….and the steroids together with some hot flushes beat the Amitriptyline hands down last night I am afraid. Still I should have enough energy produced by my next dose to see me through the day.

Yesterday was a good day and I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with a group of women who are all currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We were all there for a ‘Looking Good, Feeling Better’ workshop. These are delivered free of charge by a charity that has been set up to especially help women deal with the visible side effects of cancer treatment. We all received a goody bag full of good quality make up, cleansers, toners, moisturisers and perfume. There was one beautician per two people and they carefully demonstrated each of the products and then we had a go at putting it all on. So here l am very bravely showing you a before and after shot although looking at the last photo I think there may be a little more work that needs doing yet.


This charity really does help people come together at a difficult time and bring some joy into their lives which is much needed. Take a look at the good work they do by visiting their website if you fancy.

Today Kate is taking me in for day three of cycle four which will give Colin a much needed rest, I am just hoping the roads are not too disrupted by Margaret Thatchers funeral.
You never know if I get through my treatment quickly enough, we may take a pit stop in Camden or Hampstead on our way home all made that much easier by my blue badge and my steroid fuelled energy levels.

Enjoy your day.

Deborah x