Thank Goodness…

….that today I am seeing my pain nurse as I certainly have a lot to talk to her about and desperately need her help. The pain last night had reached its peak I hope, because surely it can’t get any worse. I must try a new type of pain killers because I am not sure the slow release morphine is doing the job. I don’t like to moan about it all the time, but last night I cried. I cried because of the pain and because I was sad. It is therefore a good job that the pain killer nurse is coming along with my psychologist as I need her too.

We are still camping out, or rather in and I am watching the grey skies and listening to the rain slash down on the Perspex roof. Today is a good day because it is the day my beautiful first daughter was born. I loved her from the very first moment I set eyes on her, or probably before. She has, and continues to, fill my life with joy and when I see her the sun comes out. She is sunshine and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect name for her than Pollyanna. Bright,funny,witty,generous Pollyanna, her mothers pride and joy. Stepping in my footsteps in the NHS she will make a difference as I have always strived to do. Today is her day and we shall rejoice (after I have seen the health specialists).

Day One

Day One


May all your dreams come true. Enjoy life to the full and always look for the best and you will find it. Go out into the big world and share your sunshine so other people will smile in your presence and feel your warmth.

Have a lovely day everyone and make sure you look out for the sunshine in the rain.

Deborah xxx