Keeping busy, feeling the love and steroids.

Looking back over the past 40 days since the bombshell of all phone calls, I was just contemplating how life hasn’t really stood still, and there I was imagining how a workaholic like me was going to fill her time!

So here is a list of what’s happened so far and a few of the projects of mine.

Achievements and challenges to date:

16 day trips to London and 1 to A&E following my overdose!

Learning how to Blog – 34 posts, 6,768 views, 268 followers and 298 comments!

7 editors of national papers contacted last week in the hope of writing a magazine column and one positive feedback received, so fingers crossed.

Started new business venture ‘Village Secrets’ – house full of designer gear getting ready for big launch in March.

“Especially for You” scarf charity set up and 3 new scarf donations already received.
Contacted local radio station – Waiting to hear back to see if I can tell my story and put out appeal for scarf donations.

Met Ed Milliband and co

Had a hot date with Russell Brand and Jarvis Cocker

Just done a tincy bit of old job work on PR guide.

Lots of cleaned out cupboards (thanks to the steroids) and a new Ikea convalescing conservatory room set up to enable me to enjoy the view from my sickbed if required.

Party of the year organisation well on the way – the good news is we have the band and date confirmed now. The amazing CC Smugglers are very generously donating their time and musical skills for free in order to raise more money at my 50th Birthday charity music fest coming up in July.

And on the to do list:

Get on with writing the Meday book and others

Large painting for the local Indian restaurant. (I am excited about starting this)

Finishing the PR guide for work.

Designing and building a luxury ( but compact) spa bathroom upstairs with a jacuzzi bath to soak my weary bones! This one I really desire but will require a little more financial planning I think – looking into various sourcing options including eBay!

More party planning – good job there is a committee set up for this one.

Hmm will I ever have time to return to work?

None of the above would have been at all possible without the support and generosity of all the family, friends, colleagues, doctors, nurses, and people I didn’t even know who have contacted me via the blog. The LOVE out there is tangible and powerful each kind word and gesture is an attack on my cancerous cells and my numbers are dropping fast. I can feel it working and I know a cure is getting closer.

So by the end of all this it won’t be a funeral your attending but a party. I shall visit Buckingham Palace and sign a major book deal. I may even get to appear on Daybreak or go to Hollywood who knows?

You know this Cancer lark isn’t all so bad.

Please note however i am now coming off my high energy fix of steroids for a couple of weeks and this may cause in a severe lack of action!

I do hope not!

Dexamethasone and other steroids are useful in myeloma treatment because they can stop white blood cells from traveling to areas where cancerous myeloma cells are causing damage. This decreases the amount of swelling or inflammation in those areas and relieves associated pain and pressure. More importantly, in high doses, dexamethasone can actually kill myeloma cells.

So steroids are really powerful, with wide ranges of actions, producing dramatic effects from pain relief to mood elevation, and if it were not for the very serious side effects they would be used even more frequently. These are the drugs often abused by sports folk to enhance performance.

The problem is steroids also affect the brain, and high doses can make people feel happy, euphoric, hyped-up, with disturbance of sleep and even serious psychiatric illness such as mania, and psychosis (delusions, paranoia, loss of touch with reality).

Women can start looking like men: growing beards and going bald!

Oh dear now where is that foxy wig and shaver I feel an attack of losing touch with reality coming on!

Welcome once again into my Parallel Universe.

Please enjoy peace and calm today as I too will try to listen to these words of wisdom and slow down just a little!


Filling in the gaps….

Ok last night I was a bit tired to kiss and tell all but feeling a little more refreshed after almost 5 hours solid sleep, the memories of the evening, are flooding back.
With no ill effects from the previous days overdose and a body full of adrenalin pumped up by steroids, squeezed into a little leather number, I was ready to get down and party.

Kate was an excellent driver and navigated through numerous diversions and the busy London traffic to get us to the ITV studios in time for some hair swooshing (as she calls it) and a little make-up repair job.



Purple wrist bands at the ready we strolled down the corridors past showbiz make up rooms and photos of Daybreak and Good Morning Stars to our destination, The Green Room, which is actually white with red sofas. Here we were offered free drinks nibbles and Dunkin Donuts.

An hour later we were shown to the glamorous studio set which I must admit was very upmarket compared to the set of ‘Take Me Out’ in Kent. Yes we were there watching that show with good friends a couple of months ago, we do like to get about you know!

The guests ready for your delight, on Saturday, are Sir Richard Attenborough, Eddie Izzard, Dolph Ludgren (I had never heard of him, but he is an actor in action films like Rocky), Russell Brand and PULP.

Filming went pretty smoothly but I am not sure how much of Russell’s footage they will need to cut out. I loved Russell’s energy and impulsiveness but I don’t even think he knew what he was going to say next. It was all very entertaining, if not a little on the edge of political correctness. At one point he climbed into the audience (looking for sex I think, he did admit he was an addict!) but despite my little black number I was unable to attract his attention at that time!

PULP were amazing and it was like having your own live concert just a few feet away, hmmm perhaps that is because that is actually what it was!

Filming lasted a couple of hours and we played our part screaming, clapping and popping bubble wrap (you will just have to watch the show). Then it was was back to the not so green room were the hot date commenced.

We spent about 5 minutes chatting to and some of us (not me, but my dear enchanted sister) stroking Russell’s back, before he was distracted by a rather voluptuous,blonde a far younger female version of the species.

I then spotted Jarvis and rushed over, childhood photos in hand to accost the poor guy. Luckily he remembered us (the text from his mum telling him we would be there may have helped) and he was charming and seemed genuinely pleased to see us. We spent about 20 mins chatting about the good old days and discussing ways to meet up again when I remembered my party. Never one to miss out on an opportunity, I think you may have guessed that by now, I invited him down to my 50th fundraising birthday party and he said he would love to come along, just email him the details. Can you believe that? Ofcourse I wouldn’t ask him to play, but you never know with microphones at the ready the Not So Desperate Housewives, may have some Singstar competition on their hands.

After another chat with Russell , yes he came and sought us out again, (maybe he was a little jealous of all the attention we were getting from Jarvis?) and a few canapés and couple of cartons of Ribena later Kate and I headed back to Hinxworth. Tired but full of happy memories ready to share with any willing listening ears.

So there it was, our hot double date. We have another in the pipeline with the likelihood of V.I.P. tickets to a Comic Relief Concert being hosted by Russell, in March, to promote giving up drugs and a party to plan.

I hardly have time for Cancer but today will be another trip to London for my chemo fix. Really Myeloma you picked the wrong girl, but life has a funny way of working and maybe you just wanted me to go in another direction for a short while. Just remember you are not allowed to stick around. I have an army of medics, an amazing group of friends a loving supportive family and resilience in its bucket loads. You picked the wrong body to host in I am afraid. I also have so much to do and am really enjoying writing which is something I had never experienced doing before and seems an excellent media to share what I hope is my more creative side.

Happy Day to you all.