Artist models

Last Thursday, whilst we sat waiting for my chemotherapy in the Parallel Universe, we were approached by a lovely guy who asked if he could sketch a portrait of us both. As you might imagine I was only to happy to oblige. It was a welcome distraction from the usual sitting and waiting around for the drugs to be prepared. For over an hour we sat very still, which was pretty unusual for me but a great way to help me to relax. Both Colin and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as Simon, our personal artist, was not only very talented but an interesting person to talk to, as we found out a little more about each other’s lives.
So here is our sketch and I hope you agree it’s pretty spot on. I just wish I shared Simon’s talent for drawing. Simon has however, inspired me to hunt out my old sketch books and have another go.


The portrait also appears, together with many others, on Simon’s Facebook page
Take a look at his web page for more of his work and news about his current exhibition.

i don’t think Elliot did too bad a job either with his first ever painting brought home from the nursery he started at this week. Well Done Elliot!


Yesterday I was feeling so much better, with my back pain well under control. It was lovely to see Pollyanna who surprised me with several thoughtful birthday treats, including an Emma Bridgewater mug painted with little heats and my name. I just love Emma’s work but would never buy it for myself as it’s pretty expensive.

Did I share with you another thoughtful present that I received from my lovely nephew Charles? He kindly put together a ‘Tub of Love’ filled with candles, teas and relaxing bath soaks and wrote the following Groucho Marx quote, around the outside;

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.

Isn’t that just perfect!

I expect you are all wondering about the outcome of the email I sent John Lewis yesterday? Well Colin received two calls of apology and I had an email reply. The John Lewis representatives were very sorry and admitted we should never have been treated in such an inhuman way. They are also sending us a £50 voucher to cover the extra cost we had to pay for the new iPad. Nothing more and nothing less. At least, I now have a working iPad and hopefully the members of staff involved, will receive some extra training in customer care. It’s a shame that they didn’t offer to make a donation to Myeloma research, especially considering that John Lewis reported that their total sales were £734m for the five weeks to 28 December 2013.

Yesterday ended well, with mum treating me to a hair cut and an early night snuggled up on the sofa with Colin.

Today we look forward to a relaxing Sunday Lunch with good friends.

Enjoy your day