Tonight’s the night….

….where I may possibly be crowned Role Model of the Year. Thank you to whoever put my name forward. I know both my lovely husband and amazing sister nominated me for the prestigious title and I feel very humbled that they did such a thing and think me worthy of the title, that is enough of a prize for me. There are four other people that have been short listed in my category so I have a one in four chance of winning which isn’t bad odds. Talking about winning I am starting to feel very excited in the mornings waiting for the postman. I have entered quite a few competitions lately so I am visualising the winning envelopes and prizes to start arriving very soon.

Yesterday I really enjoyed my visit to the Hospice where I had a lovely aromatherapy massage and then a long chat with the doctor. The doctor at the hospice used to be one of the GP’s at my practice in Letchworth and his kids used to go to the same school as mine. He also used to be a mental health nurse so we had lots to chat about. Together we decided to try and increase the pain killer Gabapentin before going on to the patches and seeing if this made a difference to my pain. I have to step up the dose slowly so it may take a while to notice any difference.

I spoke to my HR department yesterday and it seems that they take into account any previous days sick when calculating when I would need on go on half pay. Unfortunately I had taken a couple of weeks off in September for anxiety due to my para proteins rising so quickly and me feeling understandably very worried about it. I just hope the half pay will not effect my pension as I am still contemplating applying for early retirement on the grounds of ill health. I am also concerned that when I return to work if I need to go off sick again in the same financial year I will only be paid half my salary and after six months of this I will not be paid anything at all. I have never been great with finances but I think I need to think about other ways of making money which brings me on to the book idea once again.

I hope you don’t mind me using you as my brain storming group? I did a little bit of research last night and I couldn’t find any easy to read books for patents who may be worried about their child’s mental health. All I could find were books aimed at professionals or books on specific topics such as ADHD or depression for example. So I do think there is a market there. So first of all I need to think of a book title. I think it needs to clearly spell out what it aims to do so the best I have come up with is. ‘Are you worried about your child’s Mental Health? A guide for parents and Carer’s.’ I know it doesn’t appear to be a very snappy title but its quite clear and simple I think and I wanted to imagine what a parent would type into google or Amazon if she/he was looking for such a book. I want the book to be quite basic, of few but important and relevant words and some nice illustrations. I want it to be easy to read and jargon free which might be where I need your help. Having been in mental health for many years now I may slip into jargon mode thinking unfairly that other people will know what I mean, so do let me know if that happens please. I will break the book up into age categories. For example birth to two years. What would make a parent feel concerned about their babies emotional well being between those ages. You would be surprised that many people do worry about things such as, should I leave my baby crying or my two year old is very clingy to me and I find it hard to leave him with anyone. Many parents are concerned that these things may cause their child to have or be having poor mental health or at least emotional problems. Between these ages there could be some signs that the baby isn’t developing as he or she should be so the book could point them in the right direction and towards the appropriate professional to seek advice from. There is a lot to write but as I said earlier I want to keep the book as easy to read as possible because there are already books out there that are far more academic.

So I have the book to think about today and the great problem of what am I going to wear tonight? The tickets state smart dress so I will have to dig something out of the back of the wardrobe and hope it still fits as I have put on quite a bit of weight lately. My excuse for the weight gain is that I need quite a good pinch full of fat around my tummy to inject the growth hormones into, so I have had to eat a lot more cream cakes lately! Hmmm perhaps I may have something left over from the Village Secrets event. Is it really almost 9am? Colin has already gone on his long walk with the dog and is offering to cook me breakfast now so I had better get up from my warm cosy bed and slowly meander downstairs. See having Cancer does have its advantages!

Have a great day today. I have a funny feeling today is going to be a good one now come on postman where are you?

Deborah x

The good, the bad and the downright ugly again…

The good from yesterday was that having a blue badge meant shopping in Canmbridge was made so much easier and I was able to pick up a few bits and pieces for Pollyanna’s birthday. It is however a shame that I got a blue badge because of my inability to walk very far which struck true once again yesterday.

Another bit if good was seeing Amanda, one of my nurse colleagues and a kind friend. It was good to catch up and I really appreciated her gifts of cream cakes and a lovely fresh loaf of bread, plus the best wishes she brought with her from other work colleagues.

The bad is the news that as from June 7th I will be put on half pay. I need your help a bit here please. If I went off sick on the 7th of January, when would you therefore calculate my six months was up? I think I have worked the date out differently than HR so I would be interested to see your calculations. Anyway the bad thing is that we will have to try to manage on half the salary or I will somehow need to try to get back into work, although my Stem Cell harvest only finishes on June 4th. If they have got the date wrong I will be in a much better position and hopefully recovered enough to make a phased return.

The ugly was the standard letter I received informing me of all of above. This luckily turned into something good or at least not quite so ugly with an email, following my concerns from our chief exec who has given me the opportunity to try and help make sure this doesn’t happen again. On the whole I work for a very caring organisation but just occasionally areas for improvement pop up. The letter has caused me unnessesary upset which I could do without right now but it has at least definitely highlighted an opportunity to make changes and ensure this doesn’t happen again and is quickly being addressed.

Maybe I am rather Pollyannerish but where I can I do like to change a negative into a positive and with a little practice it’s not usually that hard to do.

Today I am having a telephone consultation with ’employee assistance’ which I think are a private company who I presume try and support employees find a solution to a particular difficulty that may have arison through work. It will be interesting to find out anyway.

This is followed up by an assessment of need at the Hospice and then a consultation with the doctor there. This will all be enough to finish me off for the day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a rather special lady (she will know who she is). She regularly emails me always stating she doesn’t expect a reply, but sends me words to cheer me up and make me laugh or to remind me that she is thinking and praying for me. It may only seem a little thing to do but it is making a big difference. I don’t know this lady particularly well having only met up and worked together a few times promoting the MacQueen Awards that are presented yearly to nurses, health visitors or nursery nurses who can demonstrate excellence in practice or research. I was luckily enough some time ago to be one of those nurses and I won enough money to get a number of the children’s book ‘Sticking Plasters for Children’s Souls’ printed and given out or sold to make more money for resources. So again a big THANK YOU to this very special person.

That has reminded me to keep the funds flowing in I do think I need to write another book. I am thinking of writing one called ‘When to worry or Not’ providing a short easy to read guide to what is normal at different stages of a child’s life and when it maybe important to seek professional help in relation to children’s mental health and emotional well being. What do you think of that idea for a book?

From my bedroom window the sun appears to be shining although yesterday I was shocked with how cold the weather had become again. It does seem ridiculous that some parts of the country are getting snow in May.

Well despite the coldness I hope today provides enough heat, from the kindness you experience, to keep you warm all day long. The kindness is there if you just take a moment to see it.

Take that moment today

Deborah x

Home visits.

Did you know doctors still do home visits? Well I must admit I thought it was a bit of a rarity nowadays but my GP came to see me at home yesterday. She is only a young girl, well much younger than me anyway, and she came at the request of my pain nurse. It got me thinking that I must be costing the NHS a lot of money. I have the wonderful team at UCLH which includes my consultant, drug trial assistant, and a team of nurses who I can contact 24 hours a day for advice. Then I have a Palliative care nurse who belongs to a team that I can contact 24 hrs/ day for help and advice and now the team of doctors and nurses at the hospice that I can also contact 24 hrs/day if I or Colin are concerned. I am certainly getting my monies worth from the NHS and it makes me feel even more appreciative of the great services it offers. I am hoping with all this help and expertise I will be able to get this pain under control.

The view from my window is very deceitful because according to today’s weather forecast its going to be cold and rainy but I can only see blue skies. The weather forecast is a funny thing. I have often wondered how many times do they get it right, is it 50%? Sometimes they cover their backs by giving every weather combination they could. For instance ‘It’s going to be warm with some cold spots, sunshine in places with rain and perhaps snow and frost in higher places around the country’ It all seems a bit of a guessing game to me.

Maybe life is a bit of a guessing game, you never really know what is going to happen next, what is around the next corner. I wonder if there is a more intelligent race playing with our planet like some elaborate reality matrix game. Moving the pieces around perhaps buying more points or coins to enable the player to send us off in a different direction. Or is it God or the Universe and we are the pawns to be moved around like pieces on a giant chessboard. Where would visualisation fit in to that picture. Are some people just lucky or do we make our own luck. I think it’s a bit of both and a mixture of all of above.

I have been more lucky than unlucky in my life and I intend to keep it that way. I think it’s about how we use or see life and embrace all it has to offer. I have so much more yet to learn and share. I am on a continuous journey and cancer has certainly highlighted some parts of my life that needed changing and it has given me new opportunities to explore.

So much to think about.

Go out and embrace the world today. Imagine it’s going to be your luckiest day ever and that you feel really excited and ready to receive all the gifts coming your way and let me know what happens.

Be excited, today is the day!

Deborah xxx

A bit of exciting news..

…that certainly cheered me up. Yesterday I had a call saying that I had been short listed for, Role Model of the Year, in the local newspaper Comet Community Awards. Isn’t that just great news. Now own up who nominated me? Well a big Thank You anyway, I do so love awards and Colin and I will be sent two tickets to attend the ceremony at the Icknield Centre in Letchworth. Please let me know if you fancy coming along as more tickets can be purchased and it would be good to have some support there.

I failed again yesterday to work on the invitations but maybe my head will be in a better space today. I blame the drugs as the slow release morphine that I take twice a day certainly make me drowsy, no wonder it recommends not to drive whilst you are on them. If any of you are free anytime today and want to give me some help with the invitations I would be very grateful for your time and company.

As I have to accept living with this cancer I am starting to reassess what I should do with my life. I do so love my job but wonder if I can realistically ever return to a full time post. I do however need the money, so I need to visualise making the same amount of money but working less hours. Yesterday evening it was good to chat things over with my sister and Barbs and we mulled over our individual skill sets and what we had to offer the work place. The conclusion was that as individuals and together we have so much to offer. I know how well the brain box works at making a difference to both adults and children it would be a shame not to pursue this further even if its not a great money spinner. There is also my book to finish. My good friend Angela is making a regular income with the book she wrote and Colin published on Amazon. Self publishing can be quite tricky and time consuming so Colin is contemplating how to set himself up a small business doing just that, so please let us know if any of you have written a book you feel needs publishing. Please also let me know if you are looking for a business or life coach as I know just the ideal person to do that too. We are also skilled in training and we all have NLP training among other qualifications. Please get your thinking caps on and if you do have any ideas that I or the three of us could consider ( keep them clean!) leave a comment or send me a private email to

I need to get my own thinking brain and positive outlook back into gear, but as I have been advised by many wise fellow myeloma sufferers, it is Ok to have some down days and a good cry now and again. It is not easy living with a disease that at the moment there is no cure for. So please forgive me if I cry on your shoulder every now and again and thank you so much for sticking with me and making writing this blog so worth while.

The sun is shining I hope it stays this way for you all, so you get to enjoy a warm bank holiday weekend.

I really do appreciate how lucky I am to be surrounded by such caring family and friends and to live in such a beautiful house with the most enviable of views. I am not going to let a little bit of cancer get in the way of that. And I should be getting letters dropping through the post soon congratulating me on my wins. Now if that doesn’t get me going nothing will.

Deborah x

Back down to earth with a bump.

It is important to visualise, to dream and to be positive but at times you also need to be realistic. This is the lesson I learnt yesterday, not that I didn’t already know it but I had allowed my fantasies to perhaps go a step to far. Yesterday my consultant brought me back down to earth.

I was excited about my visit to see the consultant. I had imagined him hugging me and shaking Colin’s hand,congratulating us for beating all the odds. I had visualised him telling me that now that I had no para proteins in my body I was free of cancer. That is what I, my friends and family all wanted to hear. This is what we had been saying to one another. You don’t have cancer now. The doctor told me differently. The bits I heard before my eyes glazed over with tears and my emotional brain took over from my thinking one were;

  1. You will always have cancer
  2. You still have cancerous cells in your bone marrow 
  3. The blood tests show some areas of high risk
  4. The pain in your legs may take months to get better and in the worse scenario may never go away
  5. You should go and make good use of your local hospice and get to know the people there.

The reality of the conversation as translated later by Colin was; Yes I will always have cancer and that although my blood tests show no para proteins, this actually means that there are no active cancerous cells (just dormant ones) which indicates that I am in a period of remission. The doctor was delighted as to how well I had responded to the trial. He did say there were some indicators in my blood that showed I was in a high risk group but there were also some positive indicators too. The doctor couldn’t give me a timetable as to how long it would be before I needed the stem cell transplant but he did say it definitely wouldn’t be ten years (I am of course going to prove him wrong on this point!). The neuropathic pain in my legs may take several months to subside and in some cases it doesn’t go away all together.

I also met a new nurse who took me through my next time table events, spoke to me briefly about what to expect and have me a big pack of reading material to bring home. My next appointment is May 21st. On this date I will need to get another ECG done , see the consultant and have a two hour slot with the harvesting department, (I think it has another name but I am not sure what this is yet) to go over the consent forms and sign them. There must be a lot to explain if it is going to take two hours?

So my harvesting timetable is:
May 21st – consent appointment
May 25th – chemo
May 26th – injection with growth hormone (this can be done at home by myself or a willing volunteer)
May 27th – injection with growth hormone
May 28th – injection with growth hormone
May 30th – injection with growth hormone
May 31st – injection with growth hormone
June 1st – injection with growth hormone
June 2nd – injection with growth hormone
June 3rd – go in for Harvesting
June 4th – go in for Harvesting

During this period and apparently for a little while afterwards I am apparently likely to be Neutropenic. This means that I will have a very low white blood cell count therefore more open to infection. I apparently must take this very seriously and there is even a special diet you must follow when you are Neutropenic which is a bit like the diet restrictions for a pregnant woman. No uncooked meats, pâté etc, no raw eggs, soft cheese like goats cheese (my favourite) and no probiotic yoghurts. It doesn’t seem too bad a diet anyway.

I must admit I was quite tearful yesterday so I did pop in to see the lovely ladies in the Macmillan room and they helped to calm me down a bit. Maybe it was because I just felt very tired yesterday, perhaps the time away had caught up with me? I suppose also that I had been feeling a lot better and thinking more about my future and going back to work sometime. I think the hospital visit yesterday has re confirmed that my life has changed and that there will be no going back to it as it was. I think maybe I need to take this positively and see it as a time to look at different opportunities. This would all be fine if I could include winning the lottery in my plans then I wouldn’t need to work.

Today I will rest and perhaps start reading the pack of information given to me yesterday. I would also like to get the party invitations done and dusted if only I can get a clear enough head on.

I hope that it’s a good Wednesday for you all.

Try to do something every day that you enjoy as you never know what is around the corner!

Best Wishes

Deborah x

Good morning world

Some people might say that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth others might think I haven’t been so lucky. I think I am the luckiest person in the world. Just look at the view I woke up to this morning.
Yesterday was wonderful and I just didn’t want it to end so Colin and I decided to sleep in our conservatory so we could watch the sun go down and rise again in the morning.
We love our home so much and appreciate every moment we have there.

What more could I want out of life? I have the most perfect husband,two beautiful daughters, the best sister in the world, a loving family and the best of best friends.

I have also been able to do a job that I love, working for the best organisation in the world.

Maybe you might think getting cancer isn’t so lucky but I disagree. OK there are days when I feel really rough and more than a little sorry for myself but those days have been few. Cancer has given me the opportunity and time to reflect on the important things in life. It has opened my eyes to the beauty and kindness around me. It has allowed me to take a rest and be cared for. Being cared for wasn’t so easy to begin with as that was a role I always saw myself in but when I thought more about it I realised that I was being quite selfish not allowing others to do the same. Caring makes me feel good so why deny others that same feeling and not allow others to care for me when I need it most.

Yesterday a friend who I hadn’t seen for some time came to visit. She isn’t someone I know very well but our paths have crossed at various times at work and events we have both been invited to. It was lovely to see her and I appreciated the time she took to come over and chat over a cup of tea.

I think the great news of my para protein free body has spread to every cell and they are all rejoicing, dancing around and providing me with the energy I had been longing for.

The world is a beautiful place, perhaps this is heaven? I thank God, the Universe, and evolution for sharing it with me at this very moment. It feels good to be alive.

I wish all of my fellow myeloma sufferers and their carer’s the same good fortune and wish them all a healthy future. We will hang in there together awaiting the break through news of a cure.

Today I will see my grandson who has just taken his first steps. I will be well enough to get dressed and hold his hand as we wander around the garden together.

What more in life could I ask for? I may not have much money but I am one of the richest people in the world.

I hope your day will be as good as mine and if it possibly can be even better

Deborah x

PS I apologise if you think this post is too Pollyannerish but I promised from the start I would be honest about my feelings.

Scores on the board

Mental Health = fantastic
Physical Health = getting there.

Para Proteins

If you have myeloma, your bone marrow starts to make abnormal plasma cells. These cells are known as myeloma cells, which produce an abnormal type of antibody known as paraprotein or M protein. Unlike a normal antibody, paraprotein doesn’t have any useful functions and can’t fight infection.

Myeloma cells are cancerous, meaning they grow in an uncontrolled way. They can spread though your bone marrow and bone, causing the symptoms of myeloma.

When I was officially diagnosed as having Myeloma on 8th January 2013 I had a score of 53 para proteins/gl

Four cycles of chemo later I have…..


Can you believe it? Yesterday I was told that I had had a complete response to treatment.

This means that at this moment in time I have no cancerous cells in my body.

It is quite hard to get my head around really but I never doubted that together we could do it. It is the best outcome that I could hope for.

Now it doesn’t mean I don’t have Myeloma as apparently I will always have that? My bone marrow apparently produces these abnormal cells but at this moment in time I don’t have any of them because the chemotherapy has killed them all off.

The next step is the harvesting of my stem cells. This includes a bit more chemo, approx ten days of injecting a cell growing drug and then the stem cell collection. These stem cells will then be stored in a big freezer until I need them.

I am visualising never actually needing them. I am told that the para proteins will rise again but I am going for about 15 years before that happens and by then I expect those very clever people to have found a cure so a transplant won’t be necessary.

The doctors aren’t quite as optimistic as I am and they like to give an average of about two years before they will be required, but even two years is a long time in the advancement of new treatments. This is why cancer research is so important and the reason for my Summer fund raising party.

Today will be a good day as I bask in the sunshine and the knowledge of a cancer free body. Sofa surfing will be a pleasure instead of a chore. Knowing I am in remission with just a little way to go before my treatments are all over for now is really comforting. The sun will start to re energise my tired cells and help to reduce the pain in my hands and legs.

Hooray for sunshine and Hooray for remission.

Thank you to all at UCLH, to the clever doctors, researchers and nurses and ….

Thank you dear readers for all for your help on this journey.

I hope your day will be as good as mine.

Deborah x

Day 4 of cycle 4 ….

…. and hopefully my last lot of chemo at least for a few weeks. I will need to have some chemo as part of my stem cell harvesting but I think I get about a three week break before that starts. I am still awaiting my last para protein results as they have had to be sent off for extra tests perhaps because they aren’t showing up at all and they are all too feint to quantify, that’s my dream anyway.

It was lovely to have the company of sister yesterday who now knows the journey so well and it gives us a chance to catch up with all our news. As I had more energy than usual and the disabled badge, we found an ideal spot to park in Hampstead. Kate was hungry for a healthy looking lunch so we found a little cafe up a back street selling freshly made fancy salads at quite a fancy price. She had then been craving a not so healthy crepe for sometime now so we found the stall and sat on a bench trying to spot any famous folk who we know live in the area. Our star spotting failed but we really enjoyed our pancakes.


By the time we arrived home I felt pretty tired so any hopes of working on the party invites were sadly put to one side as I fell asleep on the sofa until it was time for bed. Even with the steroids I find that I am able to do less and less which is pretty disappointing. Lets hope that comes to an end soon. Once the stem cell harvesting is over I see myself on the road to recovery, I am visualising the neuropathic pain away followed by a few weeks of relaxation and recouperation that will lead to me finally getting back on track and into work again.

Jem is making us supper tonight which will save us a job and give us a chance to catch up on a cuddle with Elliot which is rather overdue.

Have a good day again.

Deborah x

Campervan Heaven

In 1997 Colin and I bought Celestine our first VW Campervan. If you haven’t yet read, ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, I would highly recommend it.  It isn’t a particularly well written book but it is an exciting adventure  about coincidences  and as it turned out Celestine was the perfect name for our camper. We had many adventures in Celestine and she really stood out in the crowd. Our best trip was a tour around Europe, visiting France, Belgium, Germany, Austria Italy and Switzerland. I do however think we were lucky to survive the trip, as we went up several hairy mountain tracks we noticed many crosses marking the unfortunate folks who didn’t make it. It wasn’t until we returned to England that we realised the steering column had been welded with four spot welds and three of them had come off! We really did love that van but she cost us a lot of money to run and maintain so sadly we were forced to sell her.

Scan 2 IMG_1353DSCF9365IMG_1435

Ten years later and in slightly better financial position, we started to dream of getting another VW Camper. We both focused our and other people’s attention on camper vans as we constantly spoke about our dream of travelling again. Then something amazing happened, Kate popped round one rainy afternoon and said she thinks she saw Celestine in a field somewhere in Bedfordshire.  A few days later we decided to have a drive around ourselves to see if we could spot it, although we thought it was a bit of a long shot.  But there she was, it was pretty hard to see from the road but in the distance we caught sight of her bright yellow top. A couple of days later Colin went with his Dad to try and find her again and ended up knocking on the door of a farmhouse to whom the field seemed to belong. The farmer explained it had been abandoned there and he was due to have it picked up for scrap the following day.  Colin offered him £500 to take it away and Celestine was brought home. She was in quite a poor state having been left there under a tree for several years, but we thought it would be a bit of fun doing her up and Kate and Will kindly lent us their barn to do so.  What a coincidence it was to get her back and we even found some pictures the girls had drawn down the back of one of the seats. Colin  meticulously  took her apart photographing each part as he went along, until she was just an empty shell. He learnt so much in the process but the biggest lesson he learnt was the time and money it would take to put her back together again and meanwhile we were unable to realise our traveling desires. In the end we decided to sell Celestine’s shell and most of the bits we had bagged up. Surprisingly we even made a profit by selling her on ebay for £1000.

In 2010 we bought Lady Marmalade for £5000. We spotted her for sale sign at BugJam, a VW show.  We offered £50 less then the asking price and shook hands leaving a deposit of £100. After all as the seller said nobody in their right minds would come along with that sort of cash, little did they know that we had taken money out of our mortgage the day before and Colin had it taped to his chest underneath his sweatshirt!

DSCF8979 IMG_0661

Lady Marmalade was beautiful and always made folk smile. I loved sitting in the passenger seat listening to Mr Blue Sky as we drove around the countryside. For our first camping experience we went along to one of the VW raves and parked up next to other campers ready to get out and visit the many swap shop. and hippy  styled stalls. After about half an hour we decided to go back and have a little nap before the evenings entertainment which didn’t start until 10pm. We felt so cool and trendy, however the reality of our aged bodies soon sunk in. By 7pm we had already drunk our bottle of sparkling wine and felt too tired to join in with the festivities. Struggling to go for a wee in the toilet hidden in a box between the drivers and passengers seat had somehow lost it’s appeal. The weather wasn’t great and as the rain hammered down on our tin roof we decided to pack up and come home.

We sold Lady Marmalade for £10,000 making a good profit and bought Helga who may not look quite as trendy but provides us with much more space, and the luxury of a toilet and shower behind closed doors.

Last year we visited Belgium, Germany, Holland and France with our friends Sue and Angela who have their own rather upmarket motor home. It is great fun to know how easily we can pack up and go and if it wasn’t for my stupid Cancer getting in the way we would probably be abroad somewhere hot right now. Still we will go out together for the day today and probably visit a garden centre as the over 50’s do. So like I said yesterday if you see some odd folk in an even odder looking motor home give us a wave.


Have a good weekend.

Deborah x

PS I had that Friday feeling after all


The sun is out…

.. and I feel a little brighter today. I have an appointment with the consultant at 4pm, to discover my next moves. I didn’t take my evening pain killers last night, on purpose as I wanted to find out if my arm and leg pain had subsided, so I could then report this to the doctor. Unfortunately by one o’clock in the morning I was in agony so I needed to dose up again. Therefore I think it is unlikely that I will be able to restart on the Velcade or even the chemo programme without Velcade but I will just have to wait and see.

As I took the Tramadol much later than usual I am still very sleeply. I have therefore employed a dyslexic ghost writer who is doing his best I am sure to put my slurred words onto paper. I know that there is no pressure to write a blog every day but I really hate to disappoint so I like to scribble something down even if it is just a few words, and it is very cathartic as it gets my thoughts and feelings out in the open and I can hear them clearly myself and then move on with the day. I suppose I am using you all really dear readers so please forgive me and thank you for allowing me to do so. Yesterday was filled with visitors and I soon started to feel much brighter than I must have appeared in my blog.

On another note, I have quite a few items left over from the Village Secrets event, mostly small sizes (10-12) and quite a few pairs of lovely, designer brand, evening shoes. If anybody fancies coming to have a look before I sell them elsewhere just drop me an email.

I am really looking forward to my trip, with Kate, to the spa on Friday, I need to get better by then as I don’t want to give them any further excuses as to why they can’t treat me.
So what will we get up to next Saturday as we will be all massaged up and raring to go from our previous day out(forever the dreamer!)? Any ideas gratefully received.

Enjoy the sun shine wherever you are. I know there are readers as far as Australia where they must have plenty, and I am so envious. poor Barbs must have had a shock when she returned from her hot trip abroad to our winter wonderland. This is all fair enough in December and January but not April! Fingers crossed, hopefully the poor weather we have been experiencing so far will meen that we have a glorious summer, just perfect for my party on July 13th. I shall have to get designing the invitation/tickets, it is on my to do list. Perhaps I can get my fellow artist Barbs to give me a hand with those.

Have a good day

Deborah X

PS. Corrections have been made so any further errors are now completely down to me. 🙂

PH = 5.5 MH = 5 Going in the right direction xxxx