Blame the Amitriptyline…

…for the lateness of this post. Yesterday the consultant decided to add this into the mix of all the other pain killers I am taking and it really knocked me flat out. I did however wake up in the night and had to take some more pain killers and this morning I was in agony so had to call on my new best friend Oramorph.

A big Thank you to Kate who kindly drove me to hospital yesterday. The good news is that I can start on cycle 4 next week. This will be my last cycle then I just have the harvesting to go before being drug free, I hope. So I should have a slap up meal this weekend as I am likely to lose my taste buds again. The consultant said I had, had a partial response to the chemo but I would like a complete full responce so let’s hope the next lot of chemo knocks the last five stubborn little b****** on the head.

I think I shall spend most of today sleeping but I may have a couple of work colleagues popping in to see me this afternoon. Bless Colin I can hear him hoovering and tidying up a bit downstairs just in case. Our house never seems to look very clean and tidy because due to a lack of funds we have a hotchpotch of furniture and a collection of stuff as I am a bit of a collector of all sorts of bots and pieces and we are quite short of storage. However most people who visit say they love our Home as its so cosy and relaxing and end up wanting to stay for hours. Maybe it’s the lovely wood burning fire. I can really recommend getting one and I have a friend who together with her husband runs a company that supplies and fits them. Our best friends Sue and Angela have had a woodburning stove fitted in their kitchin extension and can recommend their services. I will ask Heather for a web address link to her site and add it later.
Here are the links you need to see some lovely fireplaces:

This post has been written in quite a dopey state so please forgive any mistakes, I am not sure all will be back to normal tomorrow as I will have another Amitriptyline tonight. Watch out for Monday though when I start again on the steroids and keep me away from any shops!

Deborah x