Great News, Happy Birthday and Good Luck.

I am practically in remission hip hip hooray! I haven’t yet got my para protein results but they should be through in a few days and I am hopeful the magic numbers will have decreased again. Maybe they will all be un-quantifiable, which is as good as it gets and is called complete remission. This is after only 3 cycles of chemo so the doctors are delighted.

Not to put a damper on the great news, but unfortunately the side effects of the Velcade are causing some considerable pain and according to the doctor yesterday, likely to get worse. I have been given more medication to cope with this, including if required, Tramadol which I am reluctant to take unless I really need to do so. It appears that the Velcade has disrupted some of my nerve ending and I have lost some feeling in my arms and legs. It is because of this I am having a two week break in my chemo regime and we will then see what happens. The doctor did reassure me at this moment in time I will remain on the PADIMAC trial, which is good news, I think.

The doctors would like me to receive another cycle of chemo to give those few remaining cancer cells a blast but we will have to wait and see what happens. The side effects if you are not careful can be irreversible hence the reason for their caution.

All this means I get to keep my renewed sense of taste for a bit longer and perhaps my hair might grow back a little. Unfortunately I am, still likely to feel quite tired as my HB levels remain fairly low and fatigue is a side effect of one of the new drugs they have put me on.

All in all the news is fantastic and better than I could have dreamed of so thank you all. What a great job you have done in partnership with the medical profession and all the well researched drugs I have received.

We are winning the battle!

Those naughty cancer cells didn’t stand a chance and like I said right at the beginning they picked the wrong body to invade.

Myeloma is such an individual cancer and I appreciate that not everyone has such a good outcome and I feel very sorry and sad about this. It is why it is so important for me to raise as much money as possible for Myeloma Research. There are many young people out there with myeloma and a cure needs to be found soon. I am not about to run a marathon but I hope I can raise quite a bit from the sale of tickets to my charity birthday party, I shall have to think up some other ideas too.

So I am excited for the doctors to confirm that I am definitely in complete remission. Then the hope is that I stay in remission for as long as possible therefore delay the need for the inevitable stem cell transplant.

On another happy note, today is my baby daughter’s 24th birthday. Of course she is now a fully grown woman but in my eyes she will always be my baby girl. It really seems like no time at all since I was pushing her around in a pram and now she has her own little baby boy. I am so proud of how she is bringing up Elliot and what a good mum she is. I look forward to our lunch together today.

Happy Birthday Jem xxxx

Poor Colin won’t be able to join us for lunch, as he is very calmly and bravely going in for his Angiogram today. Colin doesn’t like anything medical especially if it is happening to him and at one point I thought he may back out, but he has jumped put of bed with a positive mental attitude. He knows that this could result in an improvement in his life and is hoping for increased energy and a new sense of get up and go! Oh dear will I be able to keep up with my new man? Perhaps with me in remission and his new vitality we will both be dancing under the stars naked in the rain. God forbid!

I think today is going to be a good day.

I hope yours is too.


9 thoughts on “Great News, Happy Birthday and Good Luck.

  1. Great news!


    PS does Colin need a lift to and from hospital?
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  2. What good news, Deb. Hope it continues. Shall keep my fingers crossed for you, and especially Colin today, and look forward to further good reports.

    Incidentally, your blogs always arrive during my dinner time, so I eagerly await them and read them almost immediately! Much love Mo xxx

  3. Aww thanks Mum. It’s a lovely birthday present going by your good news lately 🙂 🙂 :). Look forward to seeing you later. Love you lots xx hope Colin’s appt goes well. I will make sure I leave him some cake bless him xxx

  4. Well done, I am so pleased about your news, you deserve it. We shall be thinking of Colin today. Lots of love x 🙂

  5. That’s fantastic news, Deb! Really pleased for you and your family, and hope the side effects go away soon.

    Have a lovely day today, and hope all goes well with Colin’s appointment later.

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