…the pain in my right side returned yesterday evening and disturbed my nights sleep despite being dosed up on pain killers. So it looks likely that we will have another trip down to the hospital in London today, what a nuisance!

At least Colin will be able to make some nice ham sandwiwiches thanks to Shirley who brought round a lovely baked ham yesterday evening.

That’s it for today I am afraid as I can’t concentrate at the moment.

Hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Unfortunately….

    • Thinking of you Debs.Hope this awful pain will soon go away and that you will quickly feel better.Meanwhile,succumb.Lots of love xxx.

  1. Well that blog won’t see me through my porridge, if things don’t improve I will have to go back to reading the news in the mornings! I really hope that while you’re in hpsopital you get some fab material for your next blog, keep your eyes peeled. So sorry you are feeling so horrible. Come home soon XXX

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