Watch, wait and wonder ….

…again! The consultant yesterday was reluctant to do much more. So I must hang on for another week and see him again next Tuesday. I must admit I do agree with him, although I quickly want to get to my next round of chemo so I can get it all over and done with, but unfortunately my side effects if anything have got worse. Last night was rough, even with the highest dose of pain killers I can take and an extra sleeping tablet I was woken several times either by hot flushes or the severe pain.

The neuropathic pain appears to have got worse, according to the doctor yesterday it is a good sign and demonstrates how well the Velcade has worked but he is reluctant to give me any more at the risk of permanent damage. I must admit I couldn’t put up with this amount of pain for the rest of my life.

The good news is my head is in a better space and I even managed to put on a spot of make up yesterday. I must admit I was quite happy with the results even with my bald head.

Today I think I will try to contact my local Macmillan or Palliative care service to see of they can advice me on pain management other than that I will rest as I want to preserve all my energy for Friday.

Scores on the board today are; Physical Health = 8 Mental Health = 5

I see a bit of blue sky peeping out between the clouds from my position lying here in bed.

If any one is passing feel free to pop in, I shall probably set myself up in the conservatory today.

Have a good day yourselves and don’t work too hard.

Love from Deborah x

3 thoughts on “Watch, wait and wonder ….

  1. Sounds like the right decision for now,but it is still going according to plan so thats good. Hope you manage to be rid of some of the pain for today. It said it could be sunny today so that will give a lovely glow over the fields. Enjoy the day Deb. Angela.

  2. Sorry you’re still in pain. I watched the nhs programme last night, it was very interesting and worth watching. Are you around tomorrow, I’m off and thought I’d pop in to say hello, do you need anything? Xx 😜

    • Hi Sharon
      I’m not going anywhere I am just going to rest.
      I have a palliative nurse coming at 9am, feel free to pop in, it will be nice to see you but I don’t need anything thank you

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