We have found a great place to stop…

..at a place called Andernos Les Bains in a large bay on the Atlantic Ocean. The weather is cooler but the rain didn’t fall until we had returned from our bike ride into the seaside town. Along the edge of the bay are a number of little shacks that use the fresh catches of the day in their small restaurants. It seems that this place is a favourite of the French and the Aire which can take up to 40 motorhomes is pretty full, but we seem to be the only English van here. The little town is very pretty with lots of little shops and cafe’s. This place is famous for its oysters but neither Colin nor I are keen to try those again. Internet connection isn’t so good hence my lack of blogging over the last couple of days.
Here are a few more photos taken on the beach on the lake of our previous stop. One of the several huts to shelter from the hot rays of the sun, me at the end of the little pier watching the fish swim around in the shallow waters and Colin swimming in the lake.
image .image image

Colin has just returned from the Boulangerie with fresh bread and croissants. The plan today is to cycle to the beach and then sample one of the menus of the shack restaurants at lunchtime.

Love Deborah x

3 thoughts on “We have found a great place to stop…

  1. Hi Deb, So nice to see you having a relaxing time , meandering from place to place, how wonderful. Hope we can get together when you get back off your travels . Lots of love, Anne and Sealy xx

    • Hi Mum No we are meeting up with them on Tuesday if all goes to plan. We are having a lovely relaxing time but the weather has just turned cooler and we had some rain last night. Hope all is well back home. Deborah xxx

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