Just a quick one…

…to let you know how things are going.

Well as far as the bathroom is concerned nothing much I am afraid. Disappointingly no one turned up this weekend and there was no response to the text we sent. We do appreciate the builders are very busy but I do wish they were better at communicating, so at least we weren’t hanging around waiting for someone or something to happen. Hopefully we will find out today what the plans are and when the work is going to actually going to begin. Perhaps it was a miscommunication, but we had thought they said they would be with us this last weekend.

Fatigue is catching up with me but we really need to get all our hard work, as far as the BrainBox resource is concerned, off to the printers today if possible. Besides that we have a reflexology appointment at the hospice this afternoon.

Tomorrow Jem is coming for lunch and we are having some Ikea flat packed wardrobes being delivered. The timing of this will be good as at least I will be able to put my clothes away before any dust making jobs start.

Wednesday and Thursday it’s back down to London again. This Thursday I look forward to Jane taking me to the hospital which will give Colin a break and time to get on with all our business stuff and me a chance to catch up with an old friend and colleague.

Accepting is the name of the game at the moment, as however much I may want to do, my body is dictating the pace of things at the moment.

Have a good Monday


1 thought on “Just a quick one…

  1. Seems that tradespeople are the same everywhere, Deb. I have been let down countless times: one can never bank on their coming when they say they will! I hope they start soon and that you can then enjoy a lovely new bathroom! Mo xxx

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