So far so good.

All is going well so far, all being helped by being so well looked after here at UCLH.
We have a lovely room and just wander across to Ambulatory care for 9am to receive my treatment.



It took a few hours for the drugs to be delivered via my pic line and I was then given my bum bag to deliver one on my drugs over the next four days. This is permanently attached to me. I was wondering how I was going to sleep with it on. It wasn’t too bad but the alarm did go off a few times in the night reporting an occlusion when I must have lay upon the tube.

After my treatment yesterday we took the bus to Selfridges to have a look around. I bought a pair of trousers and top there which is quite surprising considering the place is so expensive. My things came from the Primark stand within the store so were under £20 but received the Selfridges service of a nice bag and everything wrapped up in tissue paper. We also bought some very over rated food which we concluded was no better than we could have bought at Sainsbury’s for a quarter of the price.

It was lovely to see Polly who popped in last night and I received some post which was very exciting. Today we may visit a museum depending how tired I am feeling after this mornings treatment. Until then I am going to see how I am to negotiate a bath with this thing attached to me, it may be somewhat of a challenge!


Have a good day lovely people.

Deborah x

1 thought on “So far so good.

  1. “Bum bag” well I was expecting a little thing round your waist like you used to use as a bag yonks ago. That’s massive! Hope it’s not too heavy! Love you lots. Xxxxxxxxxxx

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