Quick update

All is going well so far just feeling a bit more tired and definitely losing my taste buds.
I should be home on Sunday but I need to be very cautious, so no visitors for a while as I must avoid any chance of infection. I have to return to hospital for bloods on Thursday and they want me booked into here at the Cotton a Rooms for 10 days. The reason for this is that I am over 40 min from the hospital and if I get a temperature that is too much of a risk apparently as I need treatment ASAP to avoid serious consequences. They are very cautious here which must be a good thing I suppose. It will then be decided if I will go through another cycle of treatment like this or straight into transplant. They will probably do another biopsy and MRI scans to hunt for any cancer markers. My body needs to be cancer free prior to my stem cells, which are on ice, are re-introduced.

It’s all a bit boring and we will be pleased to get home on Sunday even if it is just for a few days.

It’s costing us a fortune on food here in London. Yesterday we made a big mistake. We thought we would treat ourselves to a nice lunch out. We fould a little French Bistro. It cost us £50 and certainly wasn’t worth it. A tiny plate, of 6 oven chips, 5 inches of horrible steak (with a teaspoon of ju) and one bit of carrot. We felt as if we had been mugged and will be sticking to our Sainsburys ready meals from now on. We do get provided with a lovely breakfast so we can fill up on that in the morning.

The sun is shining here.

I hope it’s as lovely weather where you are.

Happy Weekend

Deborah xxx

1 thought on “Quick update

  1. Please no eating any animals Angel. If you come eat in London again treat yeselves to Nama 110 talbot road in nottinghill gate. It’s a raw food restaurant deeeeelicious nutritious healing xxxxx

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