Day 49 and things are improving.

Each day I become a little stronger. This has been really helped by not having the constant feelings of nausea and vomiting. I am now managing to eat a proper meal at lunchtime which is helping me regain some energy. I even managed a trip to Ikea on Tuesday which shows just how far I have come. I did find it rather frustrating though, being pushed around in a wheelchair and not being able to flit from one thing to another. Poor mum and Colin were very patient with me as I was rather grumpy to say the least!

Yesterday we had Elliot for a few hours, he was so well behaved and a joy to have around.


Not only that it was great to see my sister again yesterday, she has come home for a few days visit and to give Colin some relief from his usual caring duties. I expect he will get outside and start polishing the motorhome again. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can go away for a couple of days.

Today is a pretty sad day as I woke up to the news of a virtual friend and fellow Myeloma buddies death. Also the sudden change in another fellow myeloma buddy whose health has taken a turn for the very worse, and he is only 43 years old. It does make me realise how I need to take each moment of life and embrace it as much as I can.

So today I shall enjoy Kate’s company and try to give my legs a bit of exercise without over doing it. I am trying to sort out my spare room so that I can start taking up a few hobbies again although I have a feeling Pollyanna may be taking over the space and coming to stay a bit more often when she starts her new job in Cambridge.

I am hoping to make some bits of jewellery that a I can sell to raise money for Myeloma research. Another new myeloma friend has started making some inspirational wristbands but shipping them over to the UK is quite expensive. The trouble is all the best jewellery making supplies seem to be abroad which is pretty annoying, but I shall keep looking.
Here is the link for his wristbands that have given me the inspiration.

At day 49 I have come a long way and am so much better than even a week ago, so everything is going in the right direction, but I don’t take anything for granted these days.

Thank you again for remaining by my side, you are my strength.

Have a great day wherever in the world you may be.

Deborah xxxxx


11 thoughts on “Day 49 and things are improving.

  1. We are both glad to hear that you are getting better day by day. I’m sure you and Colin will soon be spending some glorious autumn days away in your motorhome. x x x

  2. Oh gosh Deborah SUCH good news, my heart is bursting with happiness for you and your family who must also be feeling such utter relief that you have turned the corner. And with us being motor homers too I can visualize your joy at the prospect of being able to step in and take a little trip —– joy joy, and yes, every moment is precious. My love to all, Nicola

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  3. I have just read the last 7 weeks blog entries in one go. What a rollercoaster! We’re glad you’re improving again. Our son got married yesterday, part of life’s rich pattern. Best wishes

    • I hope the wedding went well and that your enjoying what little sunshine we have left. Thank you for your support each day we are both a little stronger.
      Deborah x

  4. Hi Deborah, just came across the link to your blog on our site. Had a good read and held back the tears. You’re one tough cookie. Hope to see you out on the road somewhere, maybe parked up high on Mount Etna overlooking Sicily, or in among the silence of The Alps? Love, Jay

    • How lovely to hear from you Jay. Colin and I were great fans of your blog and often wonder what you were up to nowadays. We did hope to catch up with you on the road at sometime but unfortunately this bloody cancer got in the way. Still there are still adventures to be had so we may still catch up one of these days. Best wishes to you both
      Deborah x

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