A day of rest.

I think that’s what the doctor would order, not that I’ve done that much really but my body is seemingly telling me enough is enough.

On Thursday, I had a lovely pampering session at the Cancer Hair Care place, (for those of you who haven’t already read about this on Facebook), I even got my wig cut. This is such a worthwhile service and I have been so lucky to have had their support over the last year or so. It really does make a difference to be able to go somewhere every one is in the same boat and understands what it’s like to lose your hair and go through some pretty horrible experiences. All of the volunteers are so helpful and the service is free to women needing support to deal with these issues. They are however desperate for funds if they are to continue and are currently looking for some great raffle prizes. Please take a look at their website and let me know if you do have a prize I could let them have.



Cancer can be an expensive business especially if like me you have had to give up a full time job and try and manage on a small pension. I am quite lucky though both Colin and I have always been grateful for the simple things in life and don’t really need much to make us feel happy. Just a cure for Myeloma would do me, now surely that isn’t too much to ask?

On Friday we had a great day out with our friends all be it just meeting up in a car park in our motorhomes. You see you don’t need loads of cash for the company of good friends and a shared picnic. It was in the lovely grounds of Wrest Park in Bedfordshire only about 30 mins drive away. We feasted on great food, chatted, laughed and enjoyed a glass of wine or two. We dreamed of houses in France and reminisced on our holidays abroad together. A good day was had by all.

On Saturday we were back in our motorhome, this time on our drive, as the plumbers came and fixed our hot water. Helga our very old Hymer has everything on board so Colin cooked us up a delicious full English breakfast. In the afternoon mum and I went to the ‘Big Event’ on the village field and I managed to walk around most of the stalls. Luckily there were strategically placed chairs for me to take regular rests otherwise I would never have made it, but it’s another step forward. It was a real village affair with displays of the best grown carrots and homemade scones, a tombola, fancy dress, country dancing, wellington boot throwing contests and all the other usual country village fair bits and pieces. I was out in my newly trimmed wig and got a few strange looks as people didn’t quite recognise me especially as I have lost quite a bit of weight since folk last saw me and I was hobbling around with my stick. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed being out in the fresh air and soaking up the atmosphere.

Sunday was another good day. Colin and I enjoyed a lovely lunch at my brother’s house. The food was again delicious and the company was great as we sat out together in the sunshine after a hearty Sunday roast.

So you see I haven’t done much but it’s been enough to make me feel pretty exhausted. I have learnt how to listen to my body when it’s telling me to rest. I do wish I could do more though, especially to help Colin around the house with the daily chores, but it’s as much as I can do to get myself dressed at the moment. Never mind each day sees an improvement and on Thursday we are back down to the hospital in London to find out the next plan of action.

Take care dear friends and thank you once again for your continuous support and words of encouragement.

Deborah x

7 thoughts on “A day of rest.

  1. Good things happens every day, you just have to find them! Now you can walk outside, you can meet folk, you can eat and get more and more energy!❤️
    I admire your positivity, you can see those small things that makes worth your fight!
    I just got my one years birthday and I’m grateful for every single day!
    I have got curly hear on my head, I made a long, long walk in high mountains in Italy, I feel so much strength and energy! Not really as before but I can do soo much (even if I have my backpains with five vertebral compression fractures after myeloma)
    When I had difficulties to sit in our car so we changed to a Nissan that is some higher to step in and have very good seats for your back.
    Keep on having good days building your body and take a needed pause when your body tells you!

    • Congratulations Sirkku on your first birthday. How great that you managed to walk up the hills in Italy, the views must have been amazing,
      I shall have a look at the Nissan and try out the seats.
      If ever you fancy a trip to the UK you would be given a very warm welcome in our little house in the country.
      Take Care dear internet friend

  2. What a busy weekend! I’m sorry I missed you at the Big Event, it would’ve been lovely to see you. I’m glad you’re feeling stronger. The wig looks fab, very glam as usual. Love to you and Colin 😋 xxx

  3. Such joy, Deborah, to hear of the happy days you’ve had with family and friends, enjoying the simple things. And you look wonderful with your “new” wig/hairdo, and sound even better in your writing of it all. Enjoy your day of rest, well, I guess it’s over now more or less as it’s now four pm with you, and take another tomorrow. Much love, Nicola

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    • Thank you Nicola
      I am still lounging about here out in the motorhome, parked in our garden overlooking the newly ploughed fields.
      How are you doing on your own health journey?
      It’s such a shame we are living so far away from each other but great we can connect up thanks to all this technology!
      Take care

  4. It sounds as though you are doing way better than last week! Most importantly, you seem to be eating well, which is half the battle! Being out and about is great therapy, I think. Just enjoy the fresh air, good food, friends and family. Rest when your body tells you to. I guess the nausea is gone, since you did not mention it at all for the first time! Wishing you all the best, Deborah! The wig looks very nice, indeed!

    • Hi Ellen
      Yes the sickness has gone although so engines in the evening a I have the feeling of nausea.
      It is great to be able to be outside again in the fresh air. At the moment I am lying on the bed in my motorhome looking over the fields that were ploughed yesterday. The sun is shining and I feel lucky to be alive.
      Thank you for your company and your encouraging comments.
      Take care dear new friend

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