So here we go again

First of all I must thank all my friends and family for a great weekend. I was thoroughly spoilt with flowers, chocolates, fresh fruit and other lovely gifts.

For the last few days I have been experiencing very painful lower back pain so I have started back on Tramadol. This drug makes me feel rather dopey and my whole body itches which is a common side effect that will hopefully ease off soon.

This week is going to be pretty busy and I must admit I feel a little nervous about the journey ahead. Today I will have my 7th bone biopsy and find out some more about the times and plans for the chemo, which starts on Wednesday. Last night, I made the mistake of reading up more about the new drug. I suppose it is better to be well informed; I now realise why they need to observe me for some time after receiving the IV drug. The trial aims to see how effective and safe it is to take Carfilzomib (Kyprolis) in combination with cyclophosphamide and dexamethasone.

It would appear that my immune system will be compromised so please do not visit if you have any kind of infection.

On Friday I have an appointment with the pain nurse and psychologist. This should help me to cope with some of the physical and emotional side effects.

Wish me luck

Deborah x

11 thoughts on “So here we go again

  1. Hi Deb, If I am anything to go by, my treatment was Bortizamib, Cyclophosphamide and Dex and I had little or no neuropathy and very few other side effects during my 8 courses. I did of course have lowered immunity, but as Bortizamib has been “improved” to Carfilzomib, maybe hopefully you will have a similar journey to me. x

    • Thank you a Mike I had the Velcade, Dex and adriamycin in my last trial but it was the Velcade that caused my neuropathic pain. Hopefully I will have better luck on the Carfilzomib.

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