Early to bed

Sleep just overcame me yesterday so I had to be guided from the sofa to the bed at 7.30pm. I did however keep quite busy during the day, sorting out bits and pieces and chatting to our various visitors. I think fatigue may be taking over as I don’t feel quite as bright and breezy as I did yesterday. I shall however succumb to it knowing that the chemicals are doing as they should inside my body. The idea is that the chemo kills off all my blood cells so that my body has to grow new baby cells or stem cells ready for collection next week. This means that some time over the next few days I will become neutropenic for a day or two, meaning that my body will be very weak and unable to fight infections due to my low white blood count, I am also more susceptible to picking things up due to my low red blood count and my blood won’t clot as easily due to the low number of platelets in my blood. Someday during the week I need to have a blood test to make sure all is happening as it should and have a better idea of the best day for the harvesting to take place.

So I shall rest most of the week, how boring is that! I do however think I will probably sleep through most of it. Anyway I always like to see people but please don’t visit if you have any kind of infection as I am likely to get it and then I may be in big trouble.

Off for another wee nap now, all this typing is pretty exhausting so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a day or two.

Deborah x

3 thoughts on “Early to bed

  1. I will probably keep Elliot away, he’s not ill at all… but he could carry something. Hope anyone with cough or cold stays away. Like I did for 3 whole weeks xx get some rest Mum. Love you xx

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